Dj Nocturnal / Press

“Check your head: Skratchpad Sacramento curator DJ Nocturnal’s got mad skills.”

“I was at the Hella Trees release at Unitedstate in Sacramento, CA a few weeks back and got this CD. Since then it has been on repeat in my ride. The artistry and form that encompasses this mixtape is amazing, reminds me GREATLY of a mixtape that, in my opinion, is the greatest mixtape of all time; Soundbombing II. The song selections are great and compliment one another well and the interludes between tracks keep the disc moving. If I were writing for a hip hop or a music mag, I would give this one 5 stars/mics/whatever.... THIS CD IS A TRUE SACRAMENTO HIP HOP CLASSIC! Thank you DJ Nocturnal and DJ Rated R!”

“Sacramento Press was also present at the event covering thoughts and aspects of the event. DJ Rated R and DJ Nocturnal – who has DJed for KBMB before – spun records most of the day. The artists themselves were filled with joy as they performed lyrical content viable to the heart and the crowd.”

“DJ Nocturnal is a turntablist-a real mixer and scratcher who's down for real hip-hop and it's culture. his CD "Too Raw For Radio" is just that: a Testament to the strength of Sacramento's underground hip-hop scene.”

Josh Fernandez - Sacramento SNR

“For hip-hop the way Santa intended, get Live Manikins’ Still Life or Too Raw For Radio.”

“I have that much faith in DJ Nocturnal, Live Audible Soul, Righteous Movement, Random Abiladeze, Soulifted and DJ Rated R that there’s mathematically no way for a bad moment to occur.”

“Thursday night’s release party for DJ Nocturnal’s Too Raw for Radio and Live Audible Soul’s Soul Sessions at Image VIP Lounge was crazy, as expected. There were B-boys, emcees and, of course, DJ Nocturnal and DJ Rated R, who displayed some serious turntable trickery”

“At Capitol Garage last week I even overheard DJ Nocturnal say this about Random Abiladeze: “He’s one of the few that will make it out of here.” I think he was talking about success, but in retrospect, that kind of sounds like the last words of a serial killer. Hope everyone’s all right. ”

“the Velvet Wax crew, an A-list team of local DJs and scratch-a-holics that includes Rated R, Rob Fatal, Nocturnal, Mike Colossal and DJ Drew.”