DJ N'LyTe / Press

“My friend just passed me a link to your profile and I spent like 2 hours playin your Can't Tell Me Nothin over and over. Awesome music!”

Nancy Lawrence - Twitter

“hi! I have listened to "At War!" many, many times and I still love it. It would be great if you could make a video for every song you have.”

Roberto Matthews - N1M

“u're the best talent that must go public!”

Shane Watkins - N1M

“Hey I became totally addicted to your tune At War since I got it.”

Denis Khorev - N1M


Kevin - Yahoo

“I really enjoying listening to your music. I will spread the word around to all my friends.”

Nicholas - Yahoo

“dude i was listen to yo music an yo awesome”

Ben - Myspace

"Wow Awesome Music !!!!"

Surfing16 - Yourchristianspace

“... keep the tunes banging”

Christian - Twitter

“hey wuts up??? i looked at ur page yesterday.. I love ur music...”

Music=Life - FaithFreaks

“Hey Man you got a nice flow for real...!!!”

Mr.Paul - Gethsemane Records

"Bangin main! Good Work..."

TK - Steve Nelson Music

“wooow nice cd”

CECY* - Myspace

“An amazing rapper,”

TheGWH - YouTube

“whats up man... i like ya music!”

Mr. Sturden - Myspace

“Awesome! Yea man...”

Dack Mathis - Facebook

"i loved it! yur amazing"

K.Tabor - Myspace

"You are awesome!!!!"

Katie - yourchristianspace

"yo...we have had a lot of interest this year...thanks for the cd and yo killed that *&^%#. keep up the good work fam."

Joe Darkness Love III - Facebook

"Hey, I was checking out your page, VERY COOL STUFF...Keep rockin,

Craig - Ultimate Band Merchandise

"you def got the lyrics...you will do big things man...i am just being honest with an old friend..god bless homie

MERSE - Shadows Gathering

"...U rawk!"

Pillar - Faithfreaks

"im back like youre spinal cord" white weezy"

Matthew Ramos - Facebook

"Your a pretty talented fellow and I really dig your mixdown work. Keep the faith!!"

Stonecross - Ourstage