AutoTune SPECIALIST / Press

“the dance mainly consists of moving your hips in an outsized circular motion, as if driving your own body, and then turning to the side and swinging your left arm. It's almost as easy as it sounds, even for the wildly uncoordinated -- or an infant.”

“Autotune Specialist ENTER INFANT IN J12 CONTEST & SHE HAS A TWITTER!!! @babyasiacarter ”

“I have a feeling that X.O. is going to be one of my new favorite West Coast artists at the end of his series. In the record, he looks back on certain things as well as tells us how much he loves his daughter. You got to respect an honest man. Shouts to Autotune Specialist.”

“s/o to the AutoTune Specialist my nigga gets it in at all cost like ah boss networking viciously through the bay La m.i.a to the A you gotta love this dude he go hard and been around all yo favorite stars keep pushin bruh bruh i see you got big thang going for you in the future you know i support yo movement to the fullest and thats no bullshit #rapstatus.com”

“AutoTune SPECIALIST released this record at the perfect time Wow you could not ask for anything better than this record "NEW WEST ORDER" has has its own distinctive vibe going on. The way the rhymes puts me in the mind of T Pain & Lil B, and the delivery on every song is on the money I love the production for every song topic everything's inline. This man is gonna be something special!!!”

“Must have!!! I love your realness AutoTune SPECIALIST! I love that you're not putting up smoke screens. You are what you are. You've done things that you're not proud of and you're willing to let it be known, hoping it will inspire others not to make your mistakes. You're also open about your relationship with God. You have acknowledged HIM, HE will acknowledge you. I love your flow and your lyrics. Most rappers talk only about the cars, clothes and conquered penis'. It doesn't start or end there with you!! You talk about the life they dream of and being bigger than they presently are but you're rapping from where you stand right at this moment. You're feeding my brain like it's unsatiable and throwing more at me faster than I can swallow it, but it's that good that I can't stop, and I won't!! I hope your love for hip-hop never dies!!”

““U wouldn't believe who's nowplaying this on Twitter:) It's good for all of us to follow back..@DJDAWEST u know they have 13,000+ Plays WOW!!!! FOLLOW BACK! I grew up on this music”

“@DjDaWest i really feeling that basedgod real based track shit is hot as hell man!! :)”