DJ Crime / Press

“If your ever in Vegas, check out Crime live, his video/DJ skills are ridiculous!”

“I have seen quite a few Hip Hop DJ's make the switch to VJ's back home in SF such as Mike Relm and Apollo but it seemed more for fun or experimentation. DJ Crime is by far the best I have seen.”

“DJ Crime won the VJ Challenge “He Charlie Sheened us, juggled and scratched, very DJ style, hitting every technique,” said judge Justin Kent.”

“DJ Crime turned the volume back up and the competitors started bouncing to some bangin dubstep tracks while throwing down the filthiest snowboard maneuvers of the day.”

"FODT's The Arena was dope. DJ Crime's filthy dubstep intro set it off from the opening gun."

“DJ Crime delivered the most flashy video DJ-set we ever seen! From the first to the final song DJ Crime had whole room in hands and everybody danced all night!”

“DJ-en kommer en av verdens beste video-DJ-er, DJ Crime fra Las Vegas for å gjøre noe vi aldri har sett maken til i Norge før. Video-DJ-ing eller VJ-ing har blitt enormt i USA, og er også på vei opp og frem her i Norge, med blant annet Juicy i spissen. ”

“DJ Crime's video mixes represent a DJ who has a top level mastery of mixing and understanding of the tools he uses. He has an advanced ability to mix and blend various genres and make ordinary music sound better for the dance floor.”

“DJ Crime is the dopest video DJ I've ever worked with, His knowledge of music video and production is second to none.”

“Hands down the best video DJ out there!”

Joey Mazzola - PURE, BEATCLAN

“DJ Crime will blow your mind with his one of a kind video DJ show”

Brittany Starr VHI – Rock Of Love, Charm School - XRadio.biz

“The VooDoo Lounge at the Rio…Every Saturday Night, Get Insane Visual Effect with Live HD Video Mash-ups with the #1 Premier Video Phenom, DJ Crime. ”

MJ - Area 1079. Hit the Scene

“If clubbing is more your thing, DJ Crime and DJ Riz at Foxwoods' hottest night spot, Shrine, may be for you.”