djbchill / Press

“All Around Dope. Big Shout to Djbchill”

ITUHA - Reverbnation

“dope work my brother”

Ben Wade - Reverbnation.com

“dope music coming from this page”

RedMic - Reverbnation.com

“Hey i love your music pretty good stuff”

Osiris - Reverbnation

“Please keep up the awesome music, the world NEEDS you!!!!”

Judith M. Snow - Reverbnation.com

“I'm really digging your tracks! Your style is refreshing in a copy and paste industry of music!!!”

Lil D A.K.A. Beat Tape Da Great - Reverbnation.com

“Much respect for your work...great tracks!”

Euro Rojas (Nano) - Reverbnation.com

“Great music keep up the good work”

Mr. Ghost - Reverbnation

“Dope Music!!!”

Shock Nation - Reverbnation

“feelin ur swagg.. keep pumpin that good music”

GhOsT - Reverbnation.com

“You have some tight tracks man! Jamming!”

silkytao - Reverbnation.com

“The beats sound real big....”

E-Tab - Reverbnation

“Feeling these tracks man keep em coming”

Homebase Music Group - Reverbnation

“Your music production is great!!!”

Beat Master Troy - Reverbnation

“Nice beats homie!”

B~STYLE - Reverbnation.com

“Great sound! Nice productions.”

Toxicated Fox - Reverbnation

“The tracks are bangin' fam! Real talk.”

Team RnB - Reverbnation

“mad soundz homie”

Envioso (Kapital E) - Reverbnation


Pryme Tracks - Reverbnation

“Hot tracks, B!”

Xavier Hoffenstein: - Reverbnation

“feelin the tracks homie good stuff!!!”

ArmstronG Team - Reverbnation

"Outer Limits is a sick track and u got skillz n talent"

Carl Manweiiler aka LILG - Reverbnation

“Tha Music is Official My dude!!”

Dust, Tha BadMan - Reverbnation