Dave "DJ" Johnson / Press

“Dave "DJ" Johnson WINS Best Drummer!!!!”

“Riders Against the Storm WINS Best Hip Hop/Rap Band!!!!”

“Riders Against the Storm WINS Band Of The Year!!!!”

“Riders Against the Storm LIVE on KXAN!!!”

"Riders Against The Storm WINS Band Of The Year!!!"

"Riders Against The Storm WINS Best Hip Hop Act!!!"

“Next up was Riders Against the Storm, A husband-wife hip hop duo originally from Providence, RI. Accompanied by a stellar band, the group electrified Emo’s crowd with its unique blend of dance, funk and hip hop tunes. Their musical mission is to focus on the art bringing people together and capturing the “essence of ceremony” through their signature performances.”

“Stephanie Grissett LIVE on My Fox Austin performing "Wanna Be Yours"”

"Ugly Elephant came in 4th for Best Instrumental Band!!!"

““Ugly Elephant came in 3rd for Best Instrumental Band!!!””

““Ugly Elephant’s debut self-titled CD is something I could truly get into. I’d call it “accessible jazz.” It’s more jam band music that happens when musicians who truly have an extreme knowledge of their instruments and craft get together and let loose. The first track, “Africa” kicks in with a nice baseline before the wa-wa guitar and horn fills it out. “Dorkus Rex” features my favorite moment on this CD when it breaks the freeform jam to play about 30 seconds of a 1960s sock-hop groove. “Whole Lotta Nasty” features a killer guitar jam. The final track, “The Metal Song” comes in full force, but then pulls back into a flute and keyboard driven track that would make Ray Manzarek smile. If you’re into fun free-form funk and jazz fusion you’ll dig Ugly Elephant. The band is made up of Dave “DJ” Johnson (drums), Chris Hart (guitar), Tim Girardot (keys), Austin Simmons (bass) and Mitch Quintanilla (saxophone).” ”

“UGLY ELEPHANT Featured in the Austin American-Statesman”

"More Cowbell WINS Best None of the Above Band!!!"

“COALITION - Mention in Maceo Parker Music Review”

““Friday’s show fired off top notch with the alluring sounds of Coalition. This funk and jazz infused style was truly unique on the night. The mix of keys, guitar, bass and drums took us on a non-stop ride through ecstatic highs and searing lows, keeping the crowd at Curtain Club thoroughly thrilled! ” ”

““We flipped the style a bit next with Coalition, who absolutely mesmerized everyone. One solid set of funk/jazz fusion led by outstanding work from keys and guitar, with arguably the best rhythm section of the weekend, and from start to finish the set took you on a ride. ” ”