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“DJ Central can’t get enough of DJ 5th of Mars, It’s no secret that DJ 5th Mars knows how to capture the attention of his audience through music and his newly released single is no exception. ‘Loving You Forever feat. Suzanna Lubrano’ showcases DJ 5th of Mars’ talent for creating high quality, memorable tunes. DJ 5th of Mars’ current single ‘Loving You Forever feat. Suzanna Lubrano’ combines the infectious beats of DJ 5th of Mars with Suzanna Lubrano’s smooth vocals.”

“DJ 5th Mars & ELECTROFY song are ISC 2013 finalist.”

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“You're all I wanted, You're all I need “This song sounds like the soundtrack to one of my dreams. I love this singer. She sounds heavenly. This song gets my racing. Techno or house party music is one of my favorite genres. The sound effects are awesome and they make the song sound even more cosmic and space aged. I could listen to this song for meditation or working out. It 's neat sounds and futuristic nature makes me feel inspired. The synthesized instruments make this song sound like magic. Sexy, sensual, beautiful piece of music. It 's like space age love song as a disco in the future. Awesome!””

Crowd Review - on You're all I wanted, You're all I need

“You're all I wanted, You're all I need “The songs start has a futuristic feel to it. I like the electronic sounds and the other instruments being played. The sounds melody is stylish well shaped. I feel jolly when I hear this song and this is really for dancing. Ministry of sound fans will enjoy this for sure.””

Crowd Review - on You're all I wanted, You're all I need

“Burn in “This song has a great electro- angelic feel to it. With its tech feel it makes the lyrics really stand out for originality. Great dance feel to it, with an easy listen quality to it. The simple lyrics really help add to the style of this song. The song structure is wonderful the way it is set up! I really enjoyed listening to it and would again! Great commercial appeal!””

Crowd Review - on Burn in

“Burn in “10/10 hands down. I loved the beginning of this song. It sounded like music I would listen to everyday. Very good beat beautiful voice. Would love to dance to this song. It was a nice change compared to some things I have heard today. WOW great artist? Is this song on itunes yet? If not it should be. I see this song being very popular and becoming a huge hit in the future! I listened to the full 4 :4 1 and was not disappointed once. Earned the 10/10 from me. It had a great beat very relaxing. The vocals were smooth and nice to listen to neither the music nor the vocals overpowered the other.””

Crowd Review - on Burn in

“Burn in “Great party song. I would definitely play this song to set the mood to just chill and relax and have. I love how the beat switched when the vocals came in. The transition between fast and slow in this song is really captivating. I would most definitely add this track to my playlist. Very easy listening. Ultimately I could tell that this was a dance song and the lyrics are now "burning" in my head. I think I would have to give this song a 8 out of 10 for the combination of instruments and the transition of fast and slow and how this music made me feel. This song reminded me of hanging out with my girls for a night out on the town. I unquestionably liked this track and I can't wait until I finish writing this review so that I can find out who the artist is. Great job on the composition.””

Crowd Review - on Burn in

“Elemental “Genre:Techno/Dance Vocals-1 Female This track has quite few vocals. The only vocals are that of a female vocalist singing ohhhhhhhhh in a soft and trance like way. The instruments used seem only to be synthesizers and an electric keyboard.The music sends out a beautiful vibe. this track may have you dancing passionately or relaxing while in a nice calm trance. The singer woes not appear much through this awesome track,but when she doe it adds an awesome sensual sound. This track is all ready to be heard through radio or club. There are no imperfections. The production and recording of this track are those of 5 star quality. I hope every one is ready to dance.””

Crowd Review - on Elemental

“Come Baby “The tempo in the beginning was of allegro that was fast and constant. The beat in the rhythm suited the electone that played in the beginning. I liked especially of the voice that fades into the distance every couple of bars. Then came in the bass that was of the drums. The crescendo to the actual phrase of the song brought excitement in me in wanting more of the song. The tune kept changing while suiting the song with the ever increasing instruments and voices that came into play. They all formed a unique and beautiful combination of triads that was of a chord that I would never have believed would be possible in a techno remix song.””

Crowd Review - on Come Baby

“Vive tu Vida “I love the piano/electro intro since the beat is really good and catchy. I like the repeat of the singing in the beginning as well. The beat is great since it makes me want to get up and dance right away. The buildup was really good but I feel like it was a bit anti-climactic and the climax could have been bigger and brighter. I really like the vocals on the song since the main singer's voice is quite unique and full. There's a raspy quality to it that I really enjoy listening to. Overall, the whole song is lots of fun and I would definitely listen to it again.””

Crowd Review - on Vive tu Vida

“I Am Wrong “This track is deep and complex with the constant growing of intensity from the opening 10secs of instrumentation then a pause, then 10secs of music and a pause. Next the bass track comes in. At about 2mins in the track adds a piano and as the track closes out from this point not only did I hear but I felt the texture of the track becoming richer. This is a song I would listen to over and over again.””

Crowd Review - on I Am Wrong