Diz / Press

“nice lines diz. im feeling what youre talking about.you got your own flow. real talk.”

Mac Steeze

"Old School Kings is hot! Keep it coming! "wooh, hold up old school king? dont hear me talking bout when i was breaking for da cream! i was heavy on da scene, 4 1/2 in my jeans..."

Cold E

"yo your songs go hard g"


"Hello, I'm a HipHop producer from London, England and I love your music!"


"Nice music. It's good to hear rappers keepin it honest and rappin about life opposed to just money and women. Keep it up."


“Price We Pay is my Jamm ! I'M a Fan”

White Boy Gutter

“Good muzic keep doing ya thing!”


“'Yo, Price We Pay has raw emotion, and you killed One Mic Remix'”

Reverb Artist