Divulgence / Press

“It would definitely seem like the guitarists for Divulgence know how to choose riffs outside the typical minor scale runs, especially in songs like “The Great Deception” which give some valuable lessons on smart guitar work and truly evil sounding melodies.”

Cory McDaniels - We Are The Upstate

“...they're the kind of band you listen to when you just want pure, unadulterated, insanely high bpm metal.”

Cory McDaniels - We Are the Upstate

“Best newcomer of 2011: Two months ago, I had the pleasure of meeting Divulgence, a blackened, thrash, death metal band from Greenville, South Carolina. They are in the process of preparing their debut album for release through Bombworks Records. It will be titled Future Seed, and the song that everyone’s attention is on right now is “Cognition.” So, check it out.”

“I really enjoyed Awaken the Dawn song in particular. I can really feel the passion in the music and lyrics. They seems to be very passionate musicians and they are mixing in some black metal influecnes which I always love.”

“Divulgence is ready to represent the new generation of extreme metal.”