Divide The Empire / Press

"Some seriously epic hard rock, check out Divide The Empire!"

"Chosen," is one of my personal favorites after listening to their catalog. Packed with grungy, dark and dirty rock with no sugar coating, vocalist Randy Shanks sings about overcoming and surviving everyday obstacles that we all encounter in our lives. He may sing softly but takes it to another level, seamlessly baring his heart and soul.

“There's a lot to say about this band but I'd like to keep it simple and say that what I found was most enjoyable about them was the groove, not a beat but a groove. Each of the songs just have a good flow. Check them out!!”

“Divide The Empire from St.Charles,MO. is a must see for all rock fans!Me myself I'm a metal head but this band has great quality's.I have seen them 3 times now and every performance gets better then the last.Members include Randy Shanks- vocals/lead guitar,Glenn Hughes-Bass,Bob McNew-Drums,and Joe Burrow-guitar.”

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