Distoriam / Press

“Their amount of professionalism and showmanship showed, and Distoriam need to keep on doing what they do on stage at this point because they will go far and do wonderful things in their career.”

"The band is so comfortable on stage and the singer made us chuckle a few times. The performance was very well received from the crowd, there was a festive ambiance. A great discovery!"

"The band's vocalist declared that their goal was to « kick the ass of the crowd really’’ hard » . "This is what Distoriam did by creating, as it rarely happened, a huge Wall of death in mid-performance. The band, drowned in self-deprecation and humor, has deployed a phenomenal amount of energy ... They created a monster.

““ Distoriam (...) offers us extremely solid performances, well beyond what we could expect. (...) the atmosphere is breathtaking from the beginning ... (...) Rarely have we witnessed as much energy with opening acts (…) "”

“Si tu n’es pas encore dans l’ambiance; avec ce groupe sur la scène, tu le seras c’est garantie [sic]. La musique Folk Metal épique de Distoriam déplace de l’air. (...) Ce fut une très bonne prestation, autant agréable à entendre qu’à voir car les musiciens sont costumés et ont une bonne mise en scène pour leur spectacle. Après leur passage, le party est bien pris dans la place.”

“”Vinlanders” certainly have the potential to be a great folk metal band and could easily be touring alongside the likes of Moonsorrow, Ensiferum and Tyr in the near future. Fans of folk metal should keep an eye – and ear – out for this very talented band in their quest of bringing epic Canadian folk metal to the world.”