“Dissociation play serial death metal in the same vein as acts like Macabre, their songs are structured around serial killers. The difference being that Dissociation has honed their own heavier sound. Their filthy chugginess works really well along with the sound bites they use. Slaughtered is a well produced collection of darkness, dismemberment and heavy death metal. It has excellent riffs, infused with some well timed solos. There's a slight thrash element in places too. Vocals are deep and growly as fuck. While making the Slaughtered CD they used a drum machine, and in places you can hear it. I believe they have a drummer now, so I really look forward to hearing what they'll offer up next. Slaughtered is a regular in my CD player. If you are a fan of dirty, brutal serial death metal, then I recommend you make it a part of your music collection. Kim (The Metal Underground) - 2nd April 2009”

Kim. - The Metal Underground.

“Dissociation - Slaughtered Album review. "Slaughtered" is a Death Metal album from Manchester, England and is a Full-length CD with 8 songs. The CD has a full sound with brutal music and rhythms, but is packed with variety. On the whole the music is in the medium tempo range, with low, guttural and evil vocals. The production is clear and resonates well. The music is strong and anyone who likes Death Metal music will be into this. The CD cover looks evil and is really well put together.”

Cherish The Darkness Fanzine (Thailand).

“Live Review on March 19th 2009 at The Purple Turtle, Camden, London. Dissociation open with a chunk of sludgy 'Corpse-worship, interspersed with Carcass - (grote)esque intros - Compelling, brutal and pretty fucking cool. Good bunch of guys too.”

Alex York 2009 - Zero Tolerance Magazine