Dismystic / Press

“Here’s another dose of some unsigned talent that provided great audio entertainment last Sunday on Homebrew. Dismystic: take at least three heavy doses a day and don’t worry about calling a doctor as their is no cure for addiction. As you will hear them talk about in the interview, they mesh great together and produce a great blend of rock sounds ranging from the 80′s to current. Lead singer Brian clarifies their sound by explaining it’s like Mariah Carey…infused…with Anthrax? The band gives plenty of information on their history, to include their brief role in “Brother-swapping,” and how they believe they made Chuck Norris’ music playlist. The band is no freshman band as these guys have shared the stage with a lot of huge names: Korn, Fuel, 1o Years, just to name a few.”

“Alternating between chugging hard rock riffs, indie rock melodies, and pop rock ballads, Dismystic is out to conquer it all. With genre bending original songs and an extensive cover repertoire under their belt, Dismystic can rock out at any venue. For fans of alterative rock or post-grunge, Dismystic’s LP Our Own Infinity will serve to answer your craving.”

“omg! I want your body!”

Drunk girl in front row