"How lucky was I to find this 4-piece band while searching on the web. After I heard this song, I knew I had to get more, so I ended up getting thier EP aswell! Dismemberment play in the vein of Desater, Sarcofago and Destroyer 666 and are one of those new black/thrash bands which will become very important in the future. Along with bands like Horrid, Hellcannon and Ketzer, Dismemberment are a promising black/thrash band."

"There's a very positive vibe flowing through my veins after listening to Denied Salvation because it balances the ideal amount of black metal with thrash metal. The EP remains more thrash than black, but there's never a moment when it lets you forget that it's influenced by Norway's best, even when the combo leans toward the thrashy side. I reckon we'll see something absolutely shocking from Dismemberment as they move toward releasing their first full-length."

"Denied Salvation is mostly a fierce collection of brutality. They have taken the time to explore more options than just blast beats and repetitive riffing. Overall, the five-track E.P. is a solid piece of work. If I didn’t know better I would assume Dismemberment was from Europe just based on the dose of melody they injected into their blackened style of metal. They did a great job of capturing European black metal and weaving it around thrash metal. They also did a great job calling themselves something that resembles the style of music they play. If you know me, I am a stickler for band names. Dismemberment scores an A+ in this category. Check out Denied Salvation, something brutal and non-commercialized from America"

"Dismemberment have stepped things up a notch or fifty with this one. Everything is noticeably more streamlined, more focused, and yes, rest assured, absolutely more vicious…if that’s even possible. I mean, goddamn…if you want to talk about a whirlwind, take a listen to this EP and you’ll have some valid resource material. Searing solos, galloping percussion, and the trademark, hellishly raw vocal approach should be all the proof you need. The closest I can come to a complaint with Denied Salvation is that it makes the anticipation for a full-length recording all that much more unbearable!"

"Dismemberment have melded the rapid-fire aggression of thrash with the sinister atmospheres of black metal. There's a technical and mature mastery of musicianship on display here paired with simply superb songwriting ability. It is hard for this listener to grasp that, for a band with only six songs previously released to the world, they're already at this level of composition. Most importantly, Denied Salvation serves as proof positive that Dismemberment have, this soon into their career, established a signature sound not quite like any other. There's a real vicious, sadistic brand of genius at work here. Fucking black magic, that's what it is."

“Surprisingly the production is pretty top notch for a self-released album; the mix is well balanced, no one instrument overtakes the others, the drums sound clean and heavy and the guitars are discernible and wracked with distortion, just the way I like it. The instrumentation is clean and comes off very practiced and professional, which is often rare in a band’s very first release, so there’s a great amount of potential in this thrashy opus.”

“The Condemned is a fluff-free blackened assault that is far too good for its self-released underground status. A tiny record that overflows with vicious riffs and hooks, The Condemned is a lean, mean and merciless monster and, hopefully, just the distillation of what the band will offer in upcoming years. Metal fans: get on board now. Catch these guys live ASAfuckinP and grab The Condemned in its self-released form as I predict that, within a few years, this will be the bonus disc attached to a major label deluxe edition of what is bound to be an historical full-length debut.”

“Metal soliders take note. There are young upstarts rising through the ranks and I predict a bloody coup as Dismemberment establish themselves as supreme commanders of the genre. I cannot wait for their follow-up record and, even more, to catch them live again. And again.”

“Get the latest copy of Metal Hammer to get your free CD with the following tracks on! 1) Trivium – In Waves 2) Sepultura – Kairos 3) Rise To Remain City Of Vutlures 4) The Devil Wears Prada – Born To Lose 5) Decapitated – United 6) Burn Halo – I Won’t Back Down 7) All Shall Perish – Divine Illusion 8 ) Dir En Grey – Different Sense 9) Shift – Watch It Burn 10) DISMEMBERMENT – Cryptic Isolation 11) Cannibal Accident – Deadmeatfeast 12) Days Of Disgrace – Darkness prevails 13) Primitai – Sin City 14) Dark Desolation – Futile Dogma 15) Skirmish – Death Beyond”

"Instead of razor blade like slashing these guys are using their songs like daggers for deep cuts. Maybe my calling them simply thrash is a disservice since they slip in much more as far as structure and style goes. These guys will be blazing along and then without warning break down into some blackened riffage or a death metal groove which keeps things interesting. DISMEMBERMENT are the type of rule breakers which will keep this genre exciting without having to lower themselves to those "core" standards or jazz progression."

“'The Condemned' is a breath of fresh air in today's metal scene in America, as America has been mass producing hundreds of retro thrash bands, but Dismemberment does not follow that path. This 6 song EP features tunes that range from vicious thrashers, to tracks that absolutely scream black/death metal, as well as an epic instrumental that features all of the above.”

"The music is well put together, and there's a lot of after-thought tweeks that really made this a better than average record. Overall, a very solid CD with interesting add-ons."

"This is a gleefully old-school album of murderous crushing with an awesome cover and the right fucking attitude: no trends, no modern bullshit, just straight up shredding viciousness with no fucking around. The production is nice and fat, especially for a self-made disc, and the performances are balls-out."

"Southern Ohio outfit, Dismemberment, are rapidly carving their own devastating mark into the history book of aggressive music. The quartet are breathing new life into their genre and have no difficulty whatsoever in kicking down the doors and laying waste to the weak with their lethal concoction of death-cloaked, blackened thrash insanity."

"Very influenced by old German thrash such as Kreator and Sodom, but also by melodic blackened death metal bands such as Dissection. That was all it took, and I knew I had to check Dismemberment out."

"The Condemned basically takes the form of a hell-spawned juggernaut bound, determined and definitely able to annihilate us all. This is the kind of raging abomination that is born from the combination of classic thrash and death metal, stitched together with unforgiving black metal sentiment."