Disfigurement / Press

“Once again, the red-hot state of Georgia coughs up a winner. Instead of sludge-prog, crunk, tech-grind or doom, Atlanta's DISFIGUREMENT serves up an exemplary blend of Scandinavian and American-styled death metal. Fine-tuning their act in a hurry since starting in 2011, this band will call to mind HYPOCRISY, DEICIDE and DISMEMBER, yet there's something fresh to this band or at least so polished they stand out. RATING: 8.5/10”

“Nothing but pure death studied from the lexicon of artists like Morbid Angel and Vader, with faster and repulsive rhythms interspersed into roiling, atmospheric grooves and a raw but precise sense of atmosphere that generates an infernal level of energy and enthusiasm that is...to be blunt...infectious.”

“It's called Soul Rot, and it's an exercise in straight-up death metal brutality.”

“...Die haben im September nach einer Demo und einer Single - beide 2012 unter dem Titel "Abyss Of Hatred" erschienen - ihre Debüt-EP "Soul Rot" veröffentlicht.Darauf zu hören: Old School Death Metal irgendwo zwischen frühen DEATH, MORBID ANGEL und anderen Legenden der damals jungen amerikanischen Death-Metal-Szene, hinzu gesellt sich noch ein gewisser VADER-Vibe.Allerdings betrifft das im Falle DISFIGUREMENT nur das Songwriting, denn im Gegensatz zu vielen anderen Bands, die sich heute gründen, um den alten Helden nachzueifern, präsentiert der Fünfer sein Material im modernen, differenzierten Sound, der so gar nicht nach den Frühwerken des Genres klingt, aber dennoch einigermaßen hart und brutal daherkommt...Für's (hoffentlich kommende) erste Album bitte noch ein bisschen mehr Witz in die Kompositionen einbauen und vielleicht den Sound ein wenig entmodernisieren, dann kann das was ganz Großes werden.”

“Disfigurement know death metal, there's no fucking doubt about that. With "Soul Rot" they show exactly why it is that I love this genre, packing a disc that's not even a half an hour with more heinous butchery than I've heard from bands who've recorded discs that were twice as long... This is the kind of death metal disc that you just start playing and immediately roll into a head banging fury.. I really hope nobody talked shit about this one, because if they did; then they don't know death metal. Disfigurement made an album that communicates to me the very sound and essence of the genre, so if anyone differs in opinion; they should be set ablaze immediately. It's not even a half-hour and they've done this much! I can't wait to hear what they'll do with a full album. But I bet it'll be fucking death metal, that's for sure. Highlights: The whole disc. Too short? Play it again! (5 Tracks, 23:00) 10/10”

“Este ep denominado "Soul Rot", tenemos a una típica banda de DM con sonido añejo y de nuevos tiempos tratando de parecerse a las bandas de culto de los noventa, pues, la afirmación es un rotundo si, ahora bien, Disfigurement se nutren de todos los elementos necesarios para que justamente sea asi, tanto en sonido y toda la estructura, hasta los solos de guitarras pareciéndose a otroras del pasado, pero en este mundillo esta reservado para piezas que de tener o no un valor, es considerable su labor por continuar muchas que se hicieron y aun hoy en pleno 2013...”

“None, however, rocked harder, or reached deeper into the darkest recesses of the male psyche to summon forth a more malevolent sound than Disfigurement. For proof, look no further than the primeval death metal grind of its Abyss of Hatred 7-inch, or the Soul Rot EP out via Boris Records. Vocalist Nate Godbee's demonic growl leads a whiplash charge that avoids genre clichés with subtle changes lining each riff and rhythm. For sheer technical prowess, Disfigurement features the strongest metal shredders in Atlanta.”

"If there’s anything that’s gonna get you through the next too-many minutes, it’s a thick slice of unrelenting brutal death. Soul Rot is an OSDM monster hiding in a tech death rubber suit. It stomps and slams with the dexterity normally found in a group priding themselves on week-long widdles. Disfigurement, though, cares more about flow. They write honest-to-Dio SONGS, preferring replayability over their own ability."

“Disfigurement Abyss of Hatred 7” Boris Records 2012 Rating: Bourbon Dixie Death Metal mines MALEVOLENT CREATION, early incarnations of MORBID ANGEL and SEPULTURA for brakes-out sprint to the finish. These two tunes are probably what Florida’s DIABOLIC was gunning for on Excisions of Exorcisms, minus the production that practically left it sounding like some noise rec out of an Osaka cock & ball torture dungeon. No studio/band tomfuckery here, as guitars and drums compete to see who blinks first while enduring “the quickening.” Sometimes accomplished playing and Jacob’s Ladder-like aggression work pretty fucking well together. [SV] ”

“Disfigurement have mastered the sound so well you’d think they were frozen in time somewhere in the 90s and only just been released from captivity. And what an onslaught do they have with their latest release SOUL ROT... you don’t want a CD to come to an end, you know you’ve found a hidden gem among the landfill of US metal acts... Disfigurement have managed to sound old school and technical at the same time without pushing the envelope too much. A masterful piece of lyrical brutality with some of the most nihilistic and outraged lyrics I’ve heard in a long time. Another great American band to add to the list of US Death Metal legends.”

“Area band Disfigurement opened the night, a joyful death metal outfit that crushed eardrums by taking notes from old-school groups like Vader and Morbid Angel. They gave that good old assault on the senses just like any true death metal band should. Their sound reverberated in the late 80’s style—brutality without repetitiveness. The performance was great as well. No frills, just aggression. I hope to hear these guys again soon, because they left a tremendous impression.”

“Guttural vocals and a strong sense of rhythm from the interaction between bass and drums drive Disfigurement to apex sonic terrorism.”

“Opening with “Noxious Sensation” this death dealing five piece start fast and start brutally! no intro, no messing about, this launches straight into the shit, where the action is at its thickest and mostly deadly. Menacing raw vocals, maniacal rapid riffs and old school drumming all sound out loud and proud and with a thick rumbling core of bass. Slow down the tempo, ramp up the intensity and BAM! Disfigurement take you a different way, down a darkened alley where lurking calculating eyes peer out at you from the blackened recesses! Throw in a little technicality with some well performed soaring guitar solos and the band sum up their cracking sound in one song! fast, furious and unstoppable... Highly recommended. [8/10]”

“These guys have honed their craft from the masters of the genre and will put a macabre smile on anyone’s face looking for some new blood capable of properly respecting their elders... The vocals are a definite high note in their ability to convey the guttural brutality necessary whilst providing just enough enunciation to keep it from becoming an exercise in barbarianism. The riffs are appropriately mixed with some razor-sharp Vader-esque speed with the visceral nature of Cannibal Corpse and Malevolent Creation. There’s plenty of variation in their approach, a welcome deviation from the blur of speed that most bands tend to go for lately... Kudos on the artwork as well, interesting and completely puke-green, the best green to adorn any metal album cover.”

“Le parti up-tempo regnano sovrane in tutti i cinque brani di Soul Rot, ma vari episodi riescono ad emergere per inframezzarsi ad esse. È interessante la contrapposizione tra la voce e la musica, che vanno a compensarsi con le rispettive velocità, particolarmente evidente nella devastante “Entrance to Emptiness”. Altra caratteristica del disco i diversi soli di chitarra che riescono anche loro in qualche modo a stemperare la furia generale, sia nell’opener “Noxious Sensation”, così come in “Solitude”. La title-track ricalca lo stile fin troppo chiaro della band, e la voce sotterranea di Godbee a tratti è ipnotica, così come lo è la sezione quasi-doom sulla quale il vocalist si staglia con ferocia, come a voler divorare qualcosa (o qualcuno). La conclusiva “Foul Light” oltre al riffing micidiale dell’accoppiata Besserer/Olsen e al drumming da ossesso di Vaedis, vede ancora la voce di Godbee scendere negli inferi, prima di una sequenza di guitar-solo dissonan”

“Nate Godbee’s harsh vocals are extremely guttural and fit the dark, sinister mood of the album. The guitar tandem of Adam Besserer and Richard Olsen are a sharp team which handles both lead and rhythm duties exceptionally well. The battery of Max Madara on bass and Vaedis on drums keep the band sharp and precise from track to track.”

“Death Metal from the USA usually has plenty of muscle and brawn, and Disfigurement are no exception... These five songs of USDM may be in the old-school style but they can match anything the new-school has to offer in terms of brutality and sheer ability to crush. Classic Death Metal has rarely sounded so vital, fresh and hungry. Thick, rhythmic guitars, pounding non-triggered drums, scathing vocals – Disfigurement have the full package, especially when highlighted with melodic leads and more-than-capable solos. These are quality songs. They grab your attention with their muscularity and physical presence, and demand you listen to them through choking vocalisations and short, sharp stabs with their leads. At 24 minutes this is a decent length EP, but now we want more. Album please?”