The Discount Heroes / Press

“The Discount Heroes, much like their hometown of Philadelphia, are quite an eclectic bunch. When you bring all of these styles and influences together in one band, you get a sound that doesn’t easily fall into any genre; which is usually the best type of sound.”

“Give The Discount Heroes credit. My guess is that the Philly band renowned for its dippy crude huomr is been around for at least a decade in some form or another. But you don't get points for hanging on. TDH has actually found it's groove and a sense of Weezer-like musicality and lyricism beyond the yuks. Maturity, even. That's how Connie's Ric Rac-ers Frank Tartaglia, Rob Ogus and Ron Bauman got to their first full length album (Rock It! Science), a full band band with real players (including a paisan named Angelo), a production deal (Sine Entertainment Group) and a CD-release at The Legendary Dobbs.”

A.D. Amorosi - The City Paper

“Using mellow riffs, soulful harmonies and thoroughly laid-back hooks, South Philly slack-rockers Discount Heroes channel their pop idols on their new Rock It Science. In general, there's an early-Weezer/Jack Johnson feel going on. "Imaginary Girlfriend" is Pinkerton -esque pop, while "Let it Play" conjures a Gin Blossoms/Toad The Wet Sprocket kinda deal. But it's not all '90s vibes — keep listening for some Axis of Awesome-ish four-chord rock and a Mumford & Sons-style breakup song.”

“When I see The Discount Heroes live I find myself saying, "oh, this is my favorite song" five or six times a set. And more and more they keep adding new classics to the set list. Every show is fun and exciting, and seeing people dance without pretense at a rock club warms my heart.”

Scott Ratinoff, a.k.a. Fishstick - Buses Go By Podcast Series

“They may be Discount Heroes, but you always get more than what you paid for!”

Matt Besser - Upright Citizens Brigade

“Great Live Show!”

“The Discount Heroes get it. They’re fun and groovy enough to spin while you crack open a Corona and fire up the grill. But they’re still musically clever enough to keep the elites paying attention.”

"groovy radio-friendly folk rock"