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"Discordian Society, with the use of heavy metal guitar and orchestra-style instruments the Discordian Society can't help but to produce a sound of its own. Guitar strums, saxophone trills, heavy percussion pounding and minimal vocals makes up a plethora of the band's musical choices. With a heavy touring schedule, Discordian Society continues to spread its progressive and experimental sounds, making Charlotte one of its favorite places to rock out."

“In reviewing the sonic, savory blends of “Primordial Soup,” I find myself compelled by the band’s sense of musical exploration and daring. The tracks contained herein feature solid work from all members, with saxophone, keys, and guitar sharing the spotlight. The musical conversations at play in this album feature a medley of influences, with jazz fusion and rock-n-roll establishing a foundation for spirited work on drums and bass. In presenting these challenging, musically innovative tracks, the tracks of “Primordial Soup” illustrate the Discordian Society’s elaborate recipes and cooking skills”

“Asheville’s Discordian Society called a “giant leap for music” ”

“Far out is more than just an expression of the seventies, it's a goal. For a band that has taken a small step out of Asheville to perform in Knoxville they hope to take a giant leap for mankind by being the first to perform in space.”

“Each instrument had its place, Davz slapping the bass, Max Melner pounding the keys and shaking his hair and spreading love everywhere, Alfonso Graceffo expertly handling the guitar duties, Scott Poe doing more than just keeping the back beat and breaking out into one unbelievable solo, and a wily sax player that could only be Paul Juhl. They all joined in the harmonies and the banter with each other and the receptive audience throughout the evening. It was just the right measure of the serious and the irreverent.”

“With special attention paid to chord-scale relationships, post-modern form, noises that sound good on nitrous and movie dialogue samples that are pretty cool yet not too obscure, Discordian Society isn’t gonna shake the jam-band label. However, with their chops, sense of humor and reckless abandon, they should just own it.”

“They're deliberately silly in the manner of a lot of classic psychedelia, but the precision of their playing belies the good-time goofball vibe. These guys have practiced. And the bass/guitar/drums/keys/sax lineup gives them a lot of room to work with.”

““Figments” begins like an opiate dream, and one can hear whispers of Gilmour and Waters in this track.”

“The Discordian Society from Asheville, NC can throw down some funk with their dynamic note progressions and high energy rhythms. This eclectic group seamlessly progresses from low to high.”

"The Discordian Society‘s new album, Primordial Soup is, like its name suggests, a true sonic melange, simmering genres, styles, influences and sounds for an end result that’s a bit too technical and orchestrated to be full-on jam, a bit to loose to be jazz and a bit too exploratory to be considered straight-forward rock."

“The Discordian Society has the reputation of playing hard, solid, and almost endlessly. They started at 9.00 pm and didn’t stop until around 1.00 am with only a short break in between (I have seen only one other band play almost that long, the Jimmy Castor Bunch). And it wasn’t any half-hearted, “well, we’re here, but we’re really not that into it.” They were there, at attention, having the time of their lives. An audience feeds off any great energy that a band generates (a great band feeds on the equally great energy in a crowd), and this audience, expanding and contracting, was never still, and the band was lapping up this audience of friends, strangers, and wanderers. Listening to their music, it’s difficult to remain still, even just a little.”

“The instrumental “S.A.M.” begins with sugary, lingering keys and saxophone before it ventures forward on the strength of aggressive drums and bass. The track ventures through subtle mood swings, and is galvanized with Graceffo’s squealing guitar.”

“Listening to the Asheville, NC-based quintet’s 2010 independent release, Primordial Soup, it seems the groove seekers gave a cursory glance in the direction of a Jazz Improvisation Primer and probably had parents who had Zappa on vinyl and a cigar box hidden in an underwear drawer.”

“Wandered into the Preservation Pub sort of randomly late Friday and caught the latter chunk of a really good set by Asheville's Discordian Society. Yes they're a jam band or a groove band or whatever, but they actually really jam and groove.”

“It’s rare to stumble across music that is unlike anything else. However, Asheville-based band, The Discordian Society, definitely boasts a sound of its own.”

"If The Discordian Society is representative of the current music scene in North Carolina then the world is in for a pleasant surprise and North Carolina will soon be on the map on a huge scale".

“While I hear certain elements in each flight of fancy, ones where I could say that’s Miles, that’s Zappa, or even Bebop on certain nights, they are ever and truly the embodiment of Discordianism and the sum of their individual artistry.”

““Jazz Fusion” can be an off-putting musical genre for the uninitiated, but the quintet keeps these tracks grounded with strong guitar, witty lyrics, and a sense of fun. This results in a musically challenging album, full of mood swings and tasty turns.”

"... for all the skill and care to be found on Primordial Soup, it’s pretty certain that where Discordian Society is most at home is on the stage. So, listen to the record and then catch the band in the flesh."

“What seemed like an acid-tripped mix of funk, ska, rock, and punk, was punctuated by the smooth rhythm changes, precise starts and stops, and tight harmonies that some bands couldn’t do with all the practice in the world.”

“The Discordian Society embodies an important evolution in modern music. They set aside the pyrotechnics and flair of the eighties and bring forth a unique combination of experimental jazz. It is safe to say the music stands on its own.”

"Where Discordian Society seems to hits its stride is on the rhythmic, driving jams, moving effortlessly between time signature and key changes ..."

“In Asheville and the surrounding area, there are several bands that lay claim to the progressive jazz moniker, while those outside of North Carolina would call those same bands Jam. The Discordian Society appeal to those Jam Band fans, but that’s where the similarities end. They fit no stereotyped genre, Jam or otherwise.”

“The Discordian Society offers tasty recipes, daring choices, and excellent keyboards and saxophone in the recipes of “Primordial Soup".”