Disastroid / Press

“If you ask Disastroid to describe themselves they may just shrug you off. Bring them your sludge-rock fans, metalheads, and jaded hipsters; they're not above or below any of you.”

Thrasher Magazine

"...Fucking awesome. The perfect mix of Harvey Milk, Jesus Lizard, Melvins, Nomeansno, and Danzig while tuning it to their own unique sound. It was everything good about rock music and what is good about rock music now. I highly recommend these guys and it was nice to be blown away..."

Speed Glue and Music

“Melvins/Minutemen/QOTSA-styled stoner rock that generally refuses to sit still... this is some good ol' fashioned instant gratification rock. You can pick it up, put it on, and get your feet moving post-haste. Recommended.”


"H.E.A.V.Y. What does that spell? Disastroid! Damn, I'm lazy. But they were, so I'm half right and half an idiot. I'll take those odds. The three piece dished out some of the most angular, jaunty, hard rock I've ever encountered..."