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Chantal, - AU

“Dirty Steve refreshened my, from time to time, unfortunately, musical hopeless hoboing. Fresh Water flowing into the sea. A MUST LISTEN TO (MLT) artist and guitar player. Go and say it to everybody in town...”

FM - Mexico City

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the band -

“Blues Dog is one of the funnest and coolest jams I've ever heard! That dog can play!”

Stan - DE

“Great guitar tones, and truly hypnotic music - I love it! ”

Max, Az. - --

“The first time I heard "Breathe In" I was absolutely slammed against the wall out of sheer pleasure so naturally I played it a few times! Again DS had done something totally different than their last wonderful composition! ”

Bren - Oregon

“wow... love this sound. Its hard to fine the equilibrium between blues and rock so that its balance is tune on, and you found it.”

Kelly, PA - -

“Blues to Mellow-Rock to Avant-Surf, Dirty Steve is a band with alot of flavors to offer...and all tasty.”

J. Gordon - Corona Bark Weekly

“One of many things that sets "Dirty Steve" apart from other instrumental guitarists is his unmistakable talent and the diversity of every song. ”

Brenda - myspace

“CD available NOW @ amazon, itunes and cdbaby!”

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