Dirty Rotten Souls / Press

“If you're a lover of bold, bluesy and vigorous, however stirring and museful rock music it's a safe bet to put (and actually spend) money on Dirty Rotten Souls' new EP; 'I Bet She's Filthy' provides you with boisterous and heavy, ardent and spirited compositional finery aplenty. Formed in 2012 the Stoke-on-Trent based rock outfit has been silent for a while after releasing a debut EP in 2013 alongside some hard-hitting, blues-infused and fiercely roaring singles mid 2014. Now the driven trio [Mark Bailey (vocalist/lead guitarist), Danny Nicholson (drummer), Mike Williams (bassist)] is ready to unleash a soulful and passionately rousing musical might anew. Watch out and listen up!”