Dirty River Boys / Press

“We had an amazing day, and once again I was struck by the level of songwriting; these are the best of our generation. Fun, serious, wholly awesome. Yesterday we had a Music Fog debut performance from El Paso's Dirty River Boys, Nino Cooper, Marco Gutierrez, and Travis Stearns. We loved it! This is also their first year at the MusicFest, so there are plenty of new eyes and ears on them---hope you're one of those sets. More video from Steamboat to come...”

“The Dirty River Boys Posted by Ryan "Tank" Hargrave on Fri, January 21, 2011 · Face The Music · 1 Comment Ran across these The Dirty River Boys while in Steamboat and saw them again the other night opening for Sean McConnell. Strong songwriting, great energy and excellent live show… check them out if you get the chance!”

““I was looking for something vastly different to work with out of the Texas/Red Dirt scene,” Dean says. “They had a unique stage presence, different sound, and wanted to work.” ”