Dirty Rice / Press

"Whether the band is peaking or this is just the beginning, in 2013 there is no bigger band in Ventura County than Dirty Rice. "

"In just a couple of years Dirty Rice has been doing bigger and better shows. Otineru, the frontman, seems pleased with the group’s upward mobility — or how Rice went from a side dish to the main course. Now the group is gearing up to headline its own show at the Ventura Theater. Going from opener to top dog is sort of daunting,"

“Where most bands hit a wall when it comes to bringing crowds after a few shows, being a seven-member family band had its immediate benefits. At a Dirty Rice show, you’re likely to see an age range from little kids to senior citizens and everyone in between, who all have some relation to the band. Venues took quick notice of the strong turnouts and suddenly the one-night-only band was fielding offers from virtually every venue in town.”

"The band members seem to be legitimately enjoying playing together and it comes across on this short but solid recording. Dirty Rice’s future is as bright as sun-drenched reggae it plays."

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