Dirty Red and the Soulshakers / Press

"Besides his pen, McDaniel also knows how to use the harp and I find his voice to be pleasantly worn and raspy – broken in, I guess you could say. He puts all of his skills to use on the hard-driving “Shotgun,” which could be yet another euphemism (“My shotgun makes me a man..”). Besides his harmonica solo, Hibbard and Intrieri are also worked into the spotlight; I came away impressed because these guys certainly have some chops. After the frenzied pace of this tune, the slow-boiling “Queen of New Orleans” comes as a welcome break. Bell breaks out the brushes, and his drums ... create a cool Crescent City vibe as Dirty Red sings the lowdown blues. "

"The album includes nine tracks, all of them originals written by McDaniel, with Mr. Hibbard having co-writing credit on two of them. This album brings on the blues, both lyrically and musically, and is colored with influences of soul, R&B, funk and honky-tonk. It is a clean sounding project that is well-mixed, so credit should go to producers McDaniel and Hibbard as they picked a good team to record, mix and master this work. This is apparent from the very first track, “Cornbread,” which is a funky blues rock song with a neat organ part that provides a cool background."

"Dirty Red & the SoulShakers have done the Lord’s work in putting together their debut album. SoulShakin captures the spirit of the Oklahoma blues scene."

““The live show is something to behold. I have a very good band. It’s really tight and I’m a very dogmatic performer, so it always very energetic,” McDaniel said. “You feel the soul. It’s very electric, and the crowd gets up and gets into it. It’s dancin’ music.””

“About the latest CD: Opening with the innuendo-laden “Cornbread,” which makes you want to sop up all forms of sexual beans and greens, lead singer Eric “Dirty Red” McDaniel’s powerfully soul-drenched vocals and funky harmonica immediately let you know you’re in for a long, sweaty night.”