Dirty Names / Press

“They clearly already have a following, one of whom said, “You’ve got Angus Young and fuckin Mick Jagger in the same band.” I may add James Brown and Hendrix to that list, but that pretty much sums it up. If you’re game for battling through crowds of drunken models, you should try to see them live when they’re in town.”

“It was electric. I don't use that phrase about every band I see; "electricity" is either something you have, or something you don't. The Dirty Names are electric.”

"... we were all witnessing the next big thing..."

“...something truly magical happened: the crowd started dancing. Not headbanging, not tapping their feet along or bobbing their heads politely, but really dancing. The Names sound a bit like the Rolling Stones-via-Chuck Berry-via-The Kinks which by some rock miracle doesn’t come off sounding dated.”

“This is mayhem, this is late-night, this is the time to let go of inhibitions and give in the darker, wilder id. ”

“This is turn up the volume blow-out-the-dust drive-with-your-windows-down music.”

"...it's clear that Dirty Names have stumbled onto the nicest kind of swagger."

“These guys have not only the skill, but the moxy needed to bring it home.”

“This is the perfect jam for a Friday night. Damn that is some fine Rock & Roll.”

“...it is vintage rock 'n' roll in its purest form...”

“I’d probably have them as my entourage band if I could.”

“...they are on the frontline of the current rock tsunami that I can see them surfing for a long time. They are true ROCKstars.”

“Memphis rock 'n' roll with a British twist, Dirty Names pick their way through Hamburg era Beatles and 'Exile On Main Street' Stones and come up with a soul infused, Chuck Berry style stomp.”

"The Dirty Names are true showmen and real troopers."

“Whoever said Rock ‘N Roll is dead obviously hasn’t sampled the Dirty Names.”

“DIRTY NAMES exhibit originality and confidence across the board. We highly recommend you support this cutting edge group.”

“...what the world needs is a return to rock and roll with verve and grit and the Dirty Names deliver both in spades.”

“Cofer has the stage presence of a frontman from the classic era of frontmen.”

“An upcoming band packed with high energy that leaves concert goers begging for more.”

“...it’s enough to move even non-dancers to tapping feet and bobbing their heads to the beat. ”