Dirty Kelly Cash and Natty / Press

"Brilliant stuff posted, Fresh, new and incendiary. Keep up the great work!"

VueJaDay - Reverbnation

"nice sound!"

Amar Mahase - Reverbnation

"Crazy for You, I like it!!"

Burn All The Liars - Reverbnation

" Your music is great!"

Wendy Ann - Reverbnation

" I enjoy listening to your fantastic music."

Glenn Dodd - Reverbnation

"hi your songs are superb great awsome love to listen...all the best keep on rocking"

Mohnysh - Reverbnation

"Hey Dirty Kelly Cash and Natty, cool vibe to your music..I am a fan"

Ron Lee - Reverbnation

"Hungry Eyes ---nice. Great mix and cool guitars. I like your smooth sound. You glide through greatness. Great voice too. Wish you the best in all you do." -Greg Ashton Haze


“Nice power pop sound!! respect from chicago. g (Thadeus Project)”


"Crazy For You" is amazing, awesome vocals, guitar work and vibe! Watch out Madonna!!!! Take care, Rocko & JV (The Honest Mistake Band)