Dirty Gunnz / Press

“If you thought the adrenaline and fist-pumping power of 80's rock n roll went out of fashion....The Dirty Gunnz have a message for you - think again.”

“You've made some kick-ass rock n roll music...Phenomenal writing...These are great rock n roll glam slam songs”

“These guys are most excellent purveyors of the classic ’80s glam-rock, down to the makeup and occasional spandex … as well as some good-time party music. The guys suffered tragedy last month when founding member/guitarist Jed “Stacy Bullets” Cochran died, but they’ve decided to push on and turn each show into a celebration in his memory”

“A Sevierville musician may just get the opportunity of a lifetime: Chris Anderson and his band, Dirty Gunnz, could win a chance to open a concert for rock legends KISS in Cincinnati. It’s all part of a contest sponsored by Web service Eventful and retailer Guitar Center, which will allow 22 unsigned bands to open for the rock group in 22 cities (one band for each city, chosen from their region). “I’ve been to a few KISS concerts,” said Anderson, who is a vocalist and guitarist for Knoxville-based Dirty Gunnz. “We all sort of grew up on their music. It would be a great opportunity.” Fans can visit www.eventful.com/kiss through Friday to vote for Dirty Gunnz, who were in ninth place for their region as of press time. KISS members will choose one band from the final top five in each region to perform for that city.”

“The Dirty Gunnz subscribe to the '80s philosophy that rock 'n' roll should be fun — high kicks and guitar solos and lighters held aloft and a party-like atmosphere. "We just want to have a dang good time," Hurst said. We just want to bring back rock, man, and that's what we try to do every time we play. "The way we see it, as a band we're trying to let everyday people escape from the monotony of work and bring them back to that time in their life when music was fun. It's what we grew up on and what we live now. We eat, sleep and breathe rock 'n' roll." "All of our stuff is just really sleazy — the look, the sound, everything," Hurst said. "And the last few shows, the crowd response has been amazing”