Dirty Dakotas / Press

"...The Harts are a husband and wife who literally rock in a bevy of Wilmington bands including Dirty Dakotas, and are fellow zealots of original music. We came in to find a handful of people bobbing their heads to a jam already in progress in the next room. The Harts (Chris on bass and Steph on vocals) improvised alongside an expert drummer and an adventurous guitar player and it was evident they were all having a blast...Their jam was nothing short of soul-riveting..."

"...the Dirty Dakotas are one of those bands that will rock anytime and anywhere just because they love it. On this particular night, we got to see their new drummer, Will Evans, in action. While Steph Hart’s vocals are always full of passion and intensity, Evans’ drums, coupled with Chris Hart’s work on bass, added depth and a new level of heavy rock flavor to the performance. Frequent guest guitarist Steve Rossiter completed the night’s line-up, throwing in leads while blending nicely with the rest of the band."

"Dirty Dakotas play haunting and frenetic alternative rock whose lead vocals sound like a brash mix of Ann Wilson and Carly Simon, and whose music oscillates between melodic and heavy."

"...eclectic Wilmington group, which is led by the attention-grabbing vocals of Steph Hart."

"The band's unique brand of rock..."

"...you are the real deal..."

"This band rocks the casbah!"

Irene @ Projekte show

"...when people ask who you sound like I have no idea what to tell them. And I mean that as the best compliment..."

Fan @ The Whiskey show-June2011

"There's no genre for what you do. I had no idea what was going on. The drummer was sick,and between the 12 string guitar and the vocals being so intense,and the guy on bass being so...on it...I had to grab a cd and have to see you guys again."

Sean(fan @ show)

"...everything has a drive to it that you can't put your finger on,but you can't walk away from. And you don't want to-it rocks!"

Random fan.