Dirty Blind / Press

“The band, who may book themselves as The Pete Jacobs Band, or sometimes Electric Evolver, plays mostly in New York and Boston (they’ve also played at WAMC’s Linda Studios in Albany)... If you get the chance, catch him. Pete Jacobs could be amongst our next generation of great electric singer/songwriters!”

"Those who attend are guaranteed to be impressed by Jacobs' guitar, piano and vocal styling."

"Jacobs' musical style is a simplistic and candor mix reminiscent of his rural upbringing and blended with the complexity of a curious traveled mind..."

"Jacobs' influences on the songs range from his longtime favorite, The Beatles, to other '60s artists such as The Doors, Bob Dylan, and Jimi Hendrix, to more modern indie rock fare, including Radiohead, Coldplay, and The Shins, but his heart remains in classic rock."