Dirty Black 7 / Press

“Great grooving track. The Pain Train makes us turn up the gain from Canadia...Stonecold.”

Fan Feedback

"The Pain Train"... Awesome Rockin' tune!! Thank you, Kathy= LNL

Loud N Loaded Promotions

“Excellent music! Explode with all emotion, and you produce great music like this! Best wishes! \m/”

Fan Feedback

“I saw your band live and you have a great unique sound! Your single has originality with great lyrics. Keep rocking! I can't wait to hear your next single. - Michele Marie”

Fan Feedback

“Rocked my world in Minneapolis.......”

Fan Feedback

“If Black Sabbath and AD/DC had a threesome with Iron Maiden you would get Dirty Black 7”

Tom Weathers - Long Island Sound Press

“Your Great Boss! Superb Talent! You rule!”

ROSES FOR GRACE - ReverbNation

“Great sounding music!!!......”

Yolanda Foxx - ReverbNation

"Dirty Black 7 was next, another cool sounded hard rock band out of NYC. DIRTY BLACK 7, NYC’S most original hard rock band. Verteran musicians , Ron Forte, Mike Butchar, Vin De Paola & Frank Puzzillo have teamed up to create a monster. AND this monster is looking to rock your area and give you what you want. Real Music performed by a real band. DIRTY BLACK 7 will grab you by the throat and leave you feeling better about the NYC area music scene. You will not be disapointed"