Dirt Box Disco / Press

“After what for many of us was a modern classic punk album in the shape of Legends, UK band Dirt Box Disco set themselves a tall order to follow up its insatiable mischief and riotously contagious sounds. Its successor Peoplemadeofpaper quite simply makes easy meat of that task, the album another irresistible rampage of punk and rock n roll fused anthems to ignite the passions and pollute the airwaves with devilish enterprise and attitude. 9/10”

“Generally the whole EP is great and if any band deserves to be on a bill with Rancid then I agree that whoever made the decision to chuck these guys on Rebellion Festival in August doing just that made the right decision. The bands debut album is available from STP Records in the summer. I hope to get my hands on that! Check out Studs and Punks for full review of Ep!”

“Review of new ep, More news over at Fungalpunk, So 5 out of 5 and DBD look set to make big strides in 2012. As hinted at before the only thing that could hold them back is the restrictions of the punk scene and how over-exposure, the curse of punter indifference and the vast amounts of noise out there can take away the initial impressions made. Many bands come pass Fungal's assessing window and many have me wondering just how big they would have been if this was 1976 all over again but it is no good looking back, only forward, so lets do that and give one or two bands their just rewards. How about starting with these?”