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“DDD stands apart from the crowd. Their self-titled debut full-length cd hooked me from the get go, and I honestly can't get enough of blasting this thing in my car on the way to work. But I suppose when you can move between punk, blues, rock, and just about every other bar-friendly genre out there, you don't need to worry about anything aside from letting the music flow. Check out the whole thing, our newest review that kick ass!!! Thanks to all of our fans and friends and the punkcite.com !!!! DxDxDx”

“Dirtbags Don’t Die Self-Titled Self Released Street: 02.27 Dirtbags Don’t Die = Marky Ramone & the Intruders + Mouthwash + Left Alone Dirtbags Don’t Die reminds me of those Hellcat Records compilations, Give ‘Em the Boot, which were full of all sorts of punk, hardcore, ska and a ton of other genres. Dirtbags Don’t Die can blast out top-notch punk rock, like on “Suckerpunch,” and the next thing you know, they’re seamlessly slipping into a laid-back ska tune like “I Remember.” This Park City trio is as versatile as they are talented, with each member taking their turn at lead vocal duties. Lots of punk bands can get by doing the three-chord shuffle for an entire record. Few can keep each track fresh and surprise us with what comes next track by track, while keeping things cohesive enough that it all seems to work together as one record. Pick up Dirtbags Don’t Die at Raunch and hear exactly what I’m talking about. – James Orme ”

“The Park City-based rock band Dirtbags Don't Die was established back in 2008. The trio guitarist Dan Vesey, drummer Pat Rogers and bassist Matt Horyna have played gigs in the local bar scene from the Boom Bar to Cisero's to Flanagan's to Lindzee O'Michaels. In the early days, the band, like most up-and-coming groups, relied on cover tunes, but later started peppering its set with original compositions. Not a band to be satisfied with just playing its own songs, the guys in Dirtbags Don't Die decided to record their first full-length self-titled debut CD, which is available now at Raunch Records and INTERPUNK.com!!! ”

“DIRTBAGS DONT DIE New Cd on sale @ EBAY.COM & Raunch Records in Salt Lake City, Utah.. Just type it in and we'll get one out to you...”


“Thanks for your interest in "Music You Don't Have, But Should." I would like to include "Caribbean Smile" on the 4/21/12 episode of the podcast. The show will be available on Saturday, 4/21, at 8:00 pm PST, at www.musicyoudonthave.com, and is also available on iTunes, Stitcher, and LearnOutLoud.com.”

“Love the CD guys! Everyone needs to check it out!”

-Unspeakable People- TX.

“I was a little intimidated getting up stage after them .These guys play great originals and straight up rock and roll. Highly recommend checking them out.”

-TDP of Salt Lake City

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