Dirk Quinn Band / Press

“Surgeon General’s warning: If you are allergic to glowing adjectives, effusive superlatives and the occasional hyperbole, please skip the remainder of this review... DQB, from the City of Brotherly Love, play engaging jammy rock, and everybody was digging the groove. Leader Quinn was a great front man and fine guitar slinger, but IT’S THE RHYTHM SECTION, STUPID! A powerful bass-and-drums combo is essential to success in this environment and DQB has the formula down.”

“Listening to the music of the Philadelphia-based Dirk Quinn Band, it's hard to believe that their guitarist's namesake cut his teeth on Led Zeppelin, The Beatles and Primus. His smooth, fluid fretwork can dazzle and soothe, and the band's funk/jazz chops incorporate improvisation without sounding harsh or atonal.”

"Always keeping the audience on its feet, DQB manages to captivate the hearts of the crowd, while providing a thoroughly concise dissertation on the possibilities for music in our current age."