Dirigo / Press

““From blues to folk, R&B to pop, this record tests the sonic waters..."”

"Combining the best parts of jam band and Americana music..."

“Fans love the band for its unique take on traditional folk, with a rootsier, more country-influenced tack...The combination of all those elements has resulted in a mix of alt-country and jam band that’s satisfyingly groovy while being deeply melodic. ”

“You might want to start getting excited about DIRIGO...the combination of STRANGEFOLK alums (ERIK GLOCKLER and LUKE PATCHEN MONTGOMERY) and Maine roots standard-bearers STEVE JONES and GINGER COTE has both the pedigree and the chops to be pretty damn impressive. They'll release their first disc in late July (probably) on CORNMEAL RECORDS. ”

"Where many jam-oriented albums are like ways for loyal fans to throw a few bucks the way of the band, in exchange for the live recordings they've swapped around with friends, Jamericana is a solid effort that stands well enough on its own. It's catchy, easy in its own skin, and familiar in a good way from the first listen."

"Dirigo is a great blend of folk and jam-oriented grooves with a hint of good country... It has that alternative country sound, kind of like Wilco, except just a bit “jammier”..."

“With heavy influences ranging from traditional blues and country, to alt-rock...the band appeals to a wide range of musical preference...sure to be a fixture in the jam-band/alt-rock circuit.”