“A favorite among fan voters, The band also impressed a panel of judges that included SPIN senior editor David Marchese, Tom Windish of the Windish Agency, popchips' SVP of Marketing Brian Pope, and Abbey Simmons, local managing editor of Seattle's Sound on the Sound.”

“Welcome back to our artist Q&A here at MusicTech.net, this week we’re chatting with the highly acclaimed Dionvox.”

“Dion Vox... wanders the line between seductress and broken ballerina, luxuriating in Scobra's acrid, smart beats and melodies. This is what goth music ought to be, which is to say so much more accessible to a larger audience without losing its decidedly artsy bent. ”

“What might happen that puts a name on the public’s radar? Winning a national competition by a major magazine? How about having roughly a quarter-million downloads of your music happen? Surely, that’s bound to be noticed. Dionvox has done each of these right here in Seattle and has still managed to stay just below the radar in all the right ways.”

"congrats @scobra_ @Dion_vox on winning @popchips #popuplive! watch out #sxsw!"

““The vaudeville carnival feel was the most creative idea I saw,” said Spin senior editor David Marchese".”

"The nursery rhyme-like melody and guitar paired with a beat sound not unlike the clashing of metal on metal creates an unsettling atmosphere. Vox’s voice left goose bumps on my skin, and my heart pounding."

“Dionvox, have, even at an early stage I their careers achieved what many bands never will, pure originality in sound and physical performance which promise to always entertain and remain sonically visual.”

"Scobra is "another great guitarist" - Durga McBroom - Pink Floyd, Billy Idol

“August 1, 2013 at 11:52 am DIONVOX is definitely bringing some flavorful neo-hybrid spice mix to today’s musical teppanyaki! They’ve successfully positioned themselves as a remonstrance to the redundancy ultimatum clear and present in the music industry. They are also some absolutely awesome people! Generous, inviting, and down to Earth, I’m very fortunate to have met them. :)”

“Imagine if Amy Winehouse got locked in a studio with Aphex Twin for a month and the result was some kind of alien love-child. That's the Band. Arty, atmospheric and overtly experimental, this trio brings a grungy bent to trip-hop.”

“Tupac would have loved to do a track with you.”

Leila Steinberg - Tupacs OG manager - Mic Sessions

“SPIN and popchips Select Seattle's Dionvox Fmrly Ramona the Band as 'pop up live' Winner”

"This was definitely the weirdest of all the bands I judged -- and that's a good thing. Sort of trip-hop; sort of folkie; definitely moody and interesting."

“After beating out more than 1,500 bands, as well as nearly a half-dozen finalists from major cities around the country, Ramona the Band will play the Spin event at the SXSW music, film and interactive conference in March in Austin, Texas. ”

““vaudeville carnival, burlesque, aerialists, great music and a little vandalism truly made the band’s pop up live performance stand out among the competition,” said popchips’ svp of marketing”

“The finalists from each city have been chosen and now its time to do your final voting duty and send a Seattle band to Austin this spring as part of SPIN and popchips Pop Up Live contest. Culled from 50 local finalists, Ramona the Band was triumphant in the (206) with their pop-up vaudeville carnival and concert, complete with aerialists and sexy-smoky vocals from leader singer Dion Vox. SPIN’s David Marchese said “The vaudeville carnival feel was the most creative idea I saw! I wish I’d been at that show.” And I’m apt to agree.”