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“Diomara Delvalle - "This Time" Long Island, NY - Pop/R&B artist Diomara Delvalle drops her latest single "This Time". It's definitely a #PrettyDope track. Twitter: @Diomara_d”

“Diomara Delvalle, a R&B/Pop singer, was born June 6, 1990 in Brooklyn,NY with a Panamanian background. She began singing as soon as she was able to speak. When she was in the 10th grade she started taking her music seriously and began performing. Her first performance was for Central Idol, a spin-off of American Idol, at Valley Stream High School which she won. Later, she was on the Showtime at the Apollo where she was in 1st place, 3rd place and ended at 4th place. She went off to college at Hofstra University and started singing for the basketball games and other events. Now that she graduated from college she hopes to take her passion for singing even further. She decided to sing professionally when she realized every time she sang she felt comfortable. She knew she had the ability to do it and loved doing it. She grew up listening to Whitney Houston, Selena and Mariah Carey. She listened to their songs and trained her voice which helped with her vocal range.”

“Hofstra University’s recent graduate Diomara Delvalle released her first single “This Time” on June 1, 2012. During her senior year she was working on this song with producer Fewtcha. This song has been through different transition as far as the beat. It was originally more R&B but Fewtcha decided to mix some pop into it. The beat is pure music with Diomara Delvalle's angelic, powerful voice over it.”

“ Diomara Delvalle – This Time Filed under: GlobalShyne TV, Music Videos/Audio — Leave a comment June 24, 2012 This is Diomara Delvalle’s 1st single produced by Fewtcha. Male Model – J.Cudjoe,Photography by Cameraman K. Styled by Jessica Green, Video by Justin Thomas Available for download on http://soundcloud.com/diomara-delvalle orhttp://www.reverbnation.com/diomaradelvalle”

"There's something special about Soror Diomara Delvalle. You wouldn't guess that underneath her quiet demeanor and soft speech is a vocal powerhouse. This soror recently snagged a ticket to perform at Boule by winning the Annie Neville Talent Award at the 70th Northeast Regional Conference, graduated from Hofstra University and released her first single all this year! We took a moment to ask Soror Delvalle seven questions about her life, love of music and all things blue and gold. And if you haven't heard it yet, we've also attached her FIRST single. Cheers to Soror Delvalle (and Happy Belated Birthday!!) Leave a comment and tell us what you think of her single "This Time" The Sophisticate -When did you first start singing? DD: I first realized when I was in elementary school playing around with my cousin singing in the mirror. I decided to take it further and started to write music in 7th grade. I decided to start a professional career when I was in 10th grade with my first..."