Diogenes Ruiz / Press

“Diogenes Ruiz has been named a Top Boomer Man for 2011. Mahone says, “These are boomer men who deserve to be admired for being all-around decent guys and Boomer Diva Nation, LLC wants to honor them and let the rest of the world know how much we respect and appreciate them for who they are and what they offer to the world." ”

"Prayer for Peace" a new and deeply moving instrumental has been released by Diogenes Ruiz. This work was inpired by the religious tension that has sorrounded the 911 Ground Zero mosque proposal. The simple melodies and the backgroung bells are reminiscent of approaching a place of worship. Where we are free to worship one God called by many names. This piece is dedicated to the peace which is attainable as we move beyond hatred, past mere tolerance, to true understanding and love.