Dinsmore-Callard / Press

"Natural feel to this [Dinsmore-Callard] duo... [their] own connection comes through here in the vocal blend, harmonies, relaxed phrasing... It's refreshing to hear about the positive side of relationships..." "...elements of country, blues, and soul blended into an intoxicating stylistic brew;" "entertaining and captivating lyrics;" "nice imagery..." ​


“With their combined years of experience and their ability and willingness to cross-pollenate different classic American music styles yet maintain an earnest cohesiveness, Dinsmore/Callard have created an inviting and enjoyable slice of country-fried Americana with their excellent new album, 'If We Could Fall In Love Again.' ”

Justin Kreitzer - Atlas and the Anchor

“Dinsmore/Callard…follow in the tradition of Americana ... pairings such as Buddy & Julie Miller, Gillian Welch & Dave Rawlings, Robert Plant & Alison Krauss, and EmmyLou Harris &...just about everyone. On “If We Could Fall In Love Again” they’re joined by a full band of talented young players and experienced session musicians, who between them have performed with everyone, from Manhattan Transfer to the Brothers Johnson and Bruce Hornsby....The musicianship here impresses..., and coupled with the duo’s contrasting vocal styles, [the album] deserves serious attention... Dinsmore’s in possession of a fine country voice…that’s simultaneously new and yet completely familiar, and comes laden with roots tradition. Rich and warm... Callard’s voice is quirkier with more of a bohemian folk edge. The first name that came to mind was Edie Brickell, though it’s more of a feel rather than a direct similarity...a suggestion of Debbie Harry, which to my ears is a good thing.”