Dinsdale / Press

“The band has been under the radar in the Kansas City music scene, they’re not flashy and often surprise music fans who catch their live show. They write a surprising amount of original material..”

“I can’t quite place what this track, from Dinsdale’s debut album Mission 56, reminds me of. Answers on a postcard, please. Something in that little guitar moment out of the chorus, or the solo perhaps...”

"Dinsdale describe themselves as a 'vintage indie' band but what is most evident from their recorded tracks is just how accomplished their sound is. If you are a local listener and follow them, do yourself a favor and get out to see them. Scramble the helicopters or the planes if you're not local to them...go see one of their shows!.

"They play a kick ass show...the entire band talked about it while Dinsdale played their set, we enjoyed it a ton!"

Aaron Niles of Legend of Red Ghost

"These guys are great! Played with them at the Riot Room in November of 2012. Solid dudes!"

-John Nichols of Strange Solution