Dinosaurs and Thunder / Press

"Hoped Destinations exhibit a shuffled kick-it-in layered dip-taste of dissonant desperation bringing to mind late 80's-mid 90's alternative/Indie sounds of DINOSAUR JR. and BIG DIPPER latent bloody musings of ROXY MUSIC (i.e. "Apocalypse Rock") even vocal styling of WU LYF (please reference "We Bros") and even the varied never-know-whats-coming-next ship that ONEIDA pilot so well. In every crowd of locals there are those that are paying attention, D&T have paid attention. I can see that because I too have paid attention. I can hear elements of WUSSY there in and with the use of the inter-laced instrumentations, AMPLINE shining thru...The result is a blazed path of glory. Hard hitting songs that invoke the full gambit of rebellious notions and other moments of brief introspective contemplation. Highs and lows with the nervous middles."