Dinner Music for the Gods / Press

“Their new record, the excellent, contrast-heavy “Beautiful and Treacherous,” which is available on iTunes and Amazon, is full of adventurous arrangements, Guitar Hero soloing and fevered percussion from drummer Matt Muntean. But it’s all vacuum-packed into catchy, concise tunes that often belie the complexity bubbling beneath the surface.”

““"Blood And Red Wine" and "Tijuana Werewolf" reprise the Al Di Meola-goes-metal vibe from Candle. The approaches to melody, rhythm and picking in these compositions are apparent in that regard and thoroughly enjoyable.” “… this is a band of many shades and shapes. A fondness for heavy fusion, classic metal or hard rock, or all three, can be addressed within the context of Blood And Red Wine.” ”

““… superb high quality Progressive Rock/Progmetal that can easily compete with the instrumental parts of let’s say RUSH and DREAM THEATER.” “…who knows the CD of this little band from Las Vegas might end up as the finest instrumental album of 2011!” ”

““ … it’s liquid fire” ”

Teller - Penn and Teller

"They shred, they swing, they pen epic jams about warring hydras: Hard rockin' instrumental quartet Dinner Music for the Gods is a band you need to know about. So pull up a chair ..."

“the quartet's instrumental work was a pleasant surprise. It carefully mixes world music (Flamenco and other Latin influences come out in spades on the track "Crushed Velvet") with straight-up metal guitar soloing -- and we mean soloing, not just shredding (even though guitarists Andy Heilman and Darrin Pappa can handle that, too, as heard on "99 Octane").”