Dimlight / Press

“This is a dynamic and recommended group, already known to many and we hope to promote them internationally here. Exaltation personified because they all have the music in them! Serious, courteous, and only through great work and effort are gradually able to realize their goal. Their many and wide-ranging appearances have taught them much. Their drummer synchronizes with each piece, and with distinctive sincerity, gives his special touch. The guitarists are both different, but work together in perfect harmony. One of them has that divine and distinctive voice coming from the depths of his soul. The bass player is perfectly synchronized with the others. Now we must speak of the vocals. A girl with vocals ranging from gentle to wild; so wild in fact that it’s hard to imagine such a voice coming from a woman and that’s the magic of a metal band! The range of vocal tone and rhythmic quality sets this music apart from other bands and other metal bands.”

“Dimlight's eerie, symphonic goth metal debut, Otenebration, holds some merit above the usual goth metal acts that come from around the world these days. While the album is very piano/ keyboard driven, there's plenty of hard metal intensity. Vocalist Sanna Salou sings in a style that is a mix between Anneke Van Giersbergen formerly of the Gathering and Cristina Scabbia of Lacuna Coil; emotional and yet not wishy washy. Complementing her are growled vocals by Invoker who also hammers out some of the heavier guitar lines; his voice alternates between dark growls and a higher, black metal scream. While the music on Ontenebration isn't electronic enough or very dancy to be hitting any gothic clubs anytime soon, the sound is still romantic and heavy enough to rile up fans at any melodic metal concert. For an 'off the table' debut with no demos or EPs before it, Dimlight definitely show their talents to the metal community. It isn't cheesy, it's certainly dim, and it still rocks the ear hole.”

“...the brutal male vocals give a more extreme vibe in the already dark sound, making me feel there's more than just music in this album. I don't know why I get this feeling, but it seems like I'm in front of a dark theatrical play where the sweet, angelic voice of Sanna Salou is confronted by the demonic voice of Invoker. The whole album's music leads me to that direction, with the guitars playing tunes of sadness, the piano sharing poetic moments with us and the whole music programming being magnificent. Even the acoustic part in the song Requiem gives a tragic ending in the whole story. I don't know if there's more to ask from a band, than give us truly emotional and poetic music. The brutal vocals maybe sometimes too much for me, but I guess they play their role in this whole tragic concept. I can't be pleased more than releases like Obtenebration, which take Greek bands to higher and higher standards of songwriting and quality.”

““Obtenebration” is the title of Dimlight's first album which is released via Emotion Art. What features the album is a female voice, which maintains all its beauty and its melodies, despite of the pessimistic and the sad mood of the album. Sanna, the band’s singer, performs as if she is playing some role, which, combined with the theatrical elements of the songs, creates a very interesting emotional escalation. The atmosphere gets more intense by Invoker’s hellish growls, while the blastbeats and the macabre guitar and keyboard melodies picture a nightmarish, almost eerie scenery. Dark Emotion? Unfailing. And one of the moments of the album, along with R.I.D. When it comes to albums of such quality- in all levels- you can’t, and there’s no reason to hide your excitement!”

“Let me shed some light on this debut from the Greek symphonic gothic metallers Dimlight and their art of darkness. After the terrifying intro that sent me scurrying behind the couch, there follows gripping, atmospheric, theatrical...”

“Greek Dimlight in their debut album is moderately surprising and refreshing package...”

“Conclusion: Dimlight deserve to be known and should not be placed in the drawer of the average gothic metal bands. Invokers vocals and the overall hardness together with the symphonic proportions and Sanna's voice are simply better than average!”