Dimitri's Rail / Press

“Their latest effort is chock full of strong material that should appeal to the adult contemporary/hard rock listeners, as well as a younger audience. The band is reminiscent of bands like Chevelle, Army of Anyone, Shinedown, with a touch of Puddle of Mudd’s poppy lyrical qualities thrown in for good measure.”

“Their new album "Back to You" is full of edgy high energy cuts, with a HUGE SOUND. While I don't review rock that often, this band quickly got my attention from the opening riff on the title track "Back to You." I have to say that is one of my favorites from this album. I also connected well with "Just Breathe ," the first song on the album and another high energy joint with massive sound and great lyrics. The video for "Back to You," has great production value and you can tell they are not just throwing music out there like any 'joe from the block' they care about what they are presenting! Overall rating for me is 4/5 because nobody's perfect!”

“'Back To You' by Dimitri's Rail is a top notch collection of what's sure to be hailed as their best work yet. The production is fantastic on this album, and the musicianship is stellar.”

Abby Ownen - Abby Owen, Texas Blues Roadhouse

“Great band, great sound, they deserve a huge welcome from the rock and music community at large.”

“Houston is host to quite the handful of great bands, in my humble opinion. Dimitri’s Rail is no exception, and, as far as I am concerned, is the hardest working band I have had the pleasure to work with. The band has become one of the best original live rock bands in Texas.”

“In 2010, Dimitri’s Rail signed a deal to release an EP titled “Wake Up” with Universal Music Group/Fontana in association with Desert Highway Records/IndieExtreme for distribution. And, oh my goodness, “Wake Up” is phenomenal.When I listened to the EP’s songs, the first thing that came to mind was “quality”. The band has been around, paid attention, and obviously has fine tuned a formula that works. The title song “Wake Up” rolls like a freight train musically. It has a hard and heavy guitar break that would get anyone pumped for that last mile on their exercise run. “Never” is melodic with a touch of a southern feel. The “Never going to change me” in the lyrics takes it to an anthem status. The rock fist can still pump the air, but just to a little slower beat. “Paint Me” has an Alice In Chains feel to me. I like that band too, so it’s all good. And while the guitar shines on all the songs, it just seems to particularly stand out on this song.”

“It is extremely hard for me to give an example of who Dimitri’s Rail sounds like. They have a sound all their own and are truly an original band. Everything about these guys from the vocal styling, guitar playing, and drum work is simply Dimitri’s Rail; you cannot put them in a category with other bands and musicians. My favorite song submitted to me is their song “Wake Up”. The rhythm of the song reminds me of an old Irish tune with the way the guitar strums and the drum beats. The chorus is something a lot harder and the mix between the two was done beautifully. I actually listen this song all the time. “Will Never Break” includes some really terrific guitar playing right from the start. A bit harder than the other songs submitted to me, the flow of the song is great. The drumming in this song includes some great beats and fills. Their song “Foo” is another great and original song. A lot slower and softer than the other songs but the tone of it is amazing.”