Dime Piece Juicer / Press

“Dime Piece Juicer is more than just your average west coast rapper. In addition to his rap hes also known for his funny actin an goin dumb he is also involved in writing and sellin his new paper called jailed caught up and other online video content in rap, hip-hop, extreme sports, and comedy. Some of his hits include "dipped in lui stunners scrapers the night money cars in clothes up an down the block trap star skinny jeans, "Sumpin' Like a Pimp" , "" , "Tha Code We Live By" , "Smoke, Sip, n Roll" , "This is the Cut" , "Ully Gully" , "New Clothes" , hitt the tow "hard workin ", and many more. Look him up on My-Space facebook reverbnation jus , Google, or any search engine. ”