Dillon / Press

“Dillon is like the raspy younger brother of an older brother everybody always thought would be successful, with his leather jacket and single gold canine tooth and exotic Peruvian girlfriend named Mariella, but as time went on the older brother fell heavy into Old Milwaukee while Dillon actually got fucking good because he was ignored and allowed to succeed out of spite.”

“Dillon always brings a mix of fresh beats, humorous rhymes and songs that will make your mouth watering, since he talks a lot about food. The chef brought all that to the table with this EP, with tracks like “Take Japan”, and “Gimme That” with Boog Brown leading the charge. Just remember, Dillon Ain’t Playin’, suckas…”

“Dillon Ain't Playin is one of the top 10 EP's released in 2011”

“Dillon Ain't Playin' bridges a psychologically jarring dichotomy evocative of a Ben Stiller/Jim Carrey aesthetic circa The Cable Guy. It's fascinating in its break from the hip-hop norm, and surprisingly unsettling.”

"...Dillon's unique styles form a hybrid of soul, funk and hip-hop that should appeal to fans of most genres of music"

“Dillon & Paten Locke's newest release, Studies In Hunger, is stuffed with savory promises. Dillon's voice can easily be compared to artists like the late J Dilla or Talib Kweli and his collaboration with beat maker and master cutter Paten Locke resonates with an energy and eclecticism similarly found in projects by music pioneer Danger Mouse.”

“Dillon offers his opinion on top 5 Jacksonville Records...”

“With this album, Dillon and Paten Locke prove without a doubt that they belong among the elite class of MCs and producers that are foolishly lauded for doing less.”

“If Dillon is the Iron Chef, Paten Locke a/k/a The Black Therapy is the sous-chef making sure his flavors come out just right, producing and providing all the elements to make it work.”

"Dillon manages to balance the goofy with the serious, grounding his craziness and weed worship in real emotion and real lyrical skills."

“Eat to The Beat: Dillon Ate What? - This is a kid who is fusing food, music & comedy...”

“Dillon is taking Indy Rap by force with his latest video "Stay Relative" from his newest album w/ Paten Locke - "Studies in Hunger"”

“Classic Beats & Rhymes from one of American Rap's finest up & coming duos! Its a Dillon & Paten Locke Takeover!”

"The music that Dillon and friends are rapping over is amazing. It’s really, really good." -

“Atlanta-based producer/MC Dillon takes a fresh and entertaining approach to both the mixtape CD and compilation LP with his latest release The Southern Scramble – and manages to keep things interesting with his own offerings and humor as well.”