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“With the signing of the contract, Carmichael is now on a fast track to becoming a hit maker. “We’re killing three birds with one stone with this contract,” he said. “I’m going to be writing, and I’m actually writing songs for my first album. And, we’ll be working on developing me as an artist with vocal lessons and promotion. Once my album is ready, the company will put me in contact with record labels to see if I can get a record deal. Pretty much anything I need to make it happen, they’ll help me with.””

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“Mercer County’s own Dillon Carmichael is one step closer to music stardom after signing a contract with a Nashville music publishing company Tuesday night at the Olde Bus Station. Surrounded by his friends and family, Carmichael, 19, signed the agreement with The Song Factory, which represents such artists as Dustin Lynch and John Pardi. Jennifer Johnson, president of The Song Factory, first heard Carmichael perform last year in Nicholasville, and she said she immediately saw his potential. “It usually takes me a while to warm up to an artist and figure out if I want to work with him, but as soon as I heard Dillon sing, I knew I wanted to work with him,” she said. Carmichael, who is the son of Becky Montgomery and Matthew Carmichael and the nephew of country music stars Eddie and John Michael Montgomery, has been working with The Song Factory’s Johnson and Jason Van Auken for the past six months.”

Harrodsburg Hearld

“BURGIN, Ky. — A central Kentucky teen is trying to follow in the footsteps of his famous uncles, Eddie and John Michael Montgomery. Carmichael, the son of Becky Montgomery and Matthew Carmichael, said he keeps a positive disposition despite the uncertainty and won't give up on his dream. He said his uncles have helped him in the process so far. "They pretty much told me, you gotta take risks. You gotta work hard. And you gotta be passionate about it," Carmichael said. "They gave me a lot of inspiration themselves, in their music, because they are good, they are amazing musicians." Even though he has been exposed to music his entire life, Carmichael says he didn't start playing guitar until he was 12, but it didn't take long to realize music was his passion.”


“Burgin resident Dillon Carmichael is only 19 but has already signed a music publishing deal with The Song Factory in Nashville. ”

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