Diana "Dīlee" ♡ / Press

“Bill Hare quoted as stating: Working with Dilee has been quite enjoyable. She is never afraid to try something different, cross genres, or take things over the edge, and that’s always fun for me—no boundaries or boxes.”

“Armand Hutton quoted as stating: It's been quite an honor to work with [her] on ‘Afterglow’ and so many of her other songs. Not many people are brave enough to have their songs remixed with only vocals, but it speaks to her willingness to have a fun, fresh, and experimental sound that still touches people and makes them want to move. I’m blessed she allowed me to be myself and help out a bit.”

“Dilee's husband Jeffrey quoted as stating: She really has been the best thing that has ever happened to me. She is extremely warm, affectionate, funny, and smart. She works hard and will always stand up for what she believes in. She is very spiritual, and that easily comes through [in] her songs. After a long vacation through Europe, upon our return, a friend asked me what was the best part of the trip. I thought for a few moments and it occurred to me: we laughed every day.”

“...immediately comfortable with her and was left with the feeling this young woman can accomplish whatever she sets her mind to.”

“Acclaimed pianist Kori L. Carothers quoted as stating: Diana Dilee’s music is very different: extremely engaging, expressive, and so fun to listen to. She is a professional, down to earth, and I really enjoyed working with her. I think everyone needs Diana’s music in their musical collection.”

“Flutist, Joanne Lazzaro quoted as stating: The first thing I noticed [about ‘Twist like A Dragon’] was the power of the lyrics. I immediately thought about a warrior-princess, with her own personal dragon as her backup. To create a dragon, I started with the Aztec Death Whistle—it makes a scary, howling wind noise, carrying the other-worldly wailing of departed souls. With some studio re- verb added, it sounds like a 747 doing a barrel roll in a canyon, loaded with passengers. Combined with an eagle whistle for the dragon's call, the dragon sound reappears throughout the song, whenever the warrior is in danger.”

“Cory Marcus, the CEO of HotMix106 says “Dilee is sophisticated and upscale, when I hear her music I can see myself on a beach drinking a cocktail, listening to her in concert.””

“Hotmix106 Radio DJ's takes you through several Genre’s and they hand picked Dilee as DJ Sheldon Snow says “Dilee fits our sound” and “We just dig her music.””

"A very somber, pleasant, and secretly touching song. Every few lines the calm nature of the song reveals depressing thoughts towards a non-reciprocating significant other. I think this song could find commercial success. The instrumentals and the building progression were beautiful. This is a smarter person's Taylor Swift love song." "The vocals are beautiful...this song needs to be heard by more people. I believe a fan base would build quickly for this singer....song relates very well to a lot. The singer needs to be heard by a larger audience and music producer. Totally has amazing talent and needs to be shown."

anonymous - Reverb Crowd Review for "Battle Ballad"

“Dilee, model turned singer/songwriter, is "Euroasian," more specifically, half Chinese and half Italian. She says her focus in her music is love, spirituality and connectivity, all moving in the same direction through her songs, poetry, singing, acting and writing. When you meet her, you realize what an upbeat and positive person she is with a great big smile and wholesome, friendly energy. And she loves to sing. Singing is and has been a through-line for her. Dilee's clear, rich vocals are perfect for her contemporary, progressive rhythm and blues style. With song titles such as Shake It, Malign, You Are My Light, and Love Light you will find yourself enjoying the groove and listening to the messages of the songs…It’s obvious “at the beginning of time, when the stars are all aligned,” that her stars are lining up and she is expressing her inner spirit and the joy of music.”

“Some of the best tuneage on RN..Dare I say the world? ... I dare! ~Cheers awesome! ~ TE Fireoved, Reverbnation June 23 '12”

"Dilee your music has such good vibes & messages...you could make an atheist believe!...So many gems in your playlist! ~ Ro;D" ~ Sur Rod, Reverbnation Jan 9, 2013

“Yo Dilee, You are a star of the highest magnitude......Keep shining bright !!!...oz !!!!...oz ~ Otto Zone, Reverbnation Jan '13”

“Really love what you have going here. Sublime music and vocals to die for. Keep up the amazing work. Best ~ Mark Stothard, Reverbnation July 7 ‘11”

“Shake It" won Honorable Mention for Song of the Year! http://songwriting.songoftheyear.com/dilee-and-nelgerome.htm”