Digital Collapse / Press

"Leading off the EP is the first single All My Fault. With a healthy dose of heavy, a shot of screaming and a buffet of melodies, Digital Collapse burst through the door leaving no doubts that the band is here to take no prisoners. ... if you enjoy this one, stop reading NOW and support these guys. Because there’s nothing but more intensity and great tunes to follow. "

“Digital Collapse is a living example of the phrase "picking up the pieces."”

“Amidst the ranks of unsigned bands comes Scranton natives Digital Collapse and their self-titled debut EP. Dabbling in the post-grunge genre is a level of experimentation that needs sure footing to get right. With an overcast of muddy distortion, light and tasteful screams and a foreboding tone, Digital Collapse gets it right.”

Joe Cirilo - Aquarian Weekly

“Digital Collapse are not your average band. It’s clear these guys come from diverse musical backgrounds combining together for some real dark, heavy, and moody hard rock. The songs are very strong and well laid out. Hopefully these guys get the attention they deserve and continue to grow as a band.”

“Even before their first show at Diane’s Deli & Internet Cafe (206 S. Main St., Pittston) on Saturday, May 25, the quintet recorded an EP (due for release in July) with Sevendust’s Clint Lowery at Architekt Music in Butler, N.J., preparing for the road ahead to stardom.”