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““II” is a raw, organic post-rock treasure, beautifully arranged and produced, that comes along once in a lifetime. At least as far as indie music recordings are concerned, this is a complete rarity. This band is the next generation of post-modern rock.”

“Digital Antique’s lack of vocals is hardly noticeable as your mind starts to paint a cinematic picture as you listen to the songs intently. When you are ready to focus intently on a complex tapestry of sound, I recommend you take a listen to Digital Antique. It is different, but isn’t that what we are all searching for?”

“Digital Antique's new 10 song album, II, is pure brilliance; it's music at its best!”

“II and Digital Antique themselves are not something to be pushed aside. They are doing something that many other bands wouldn’t even be brave enough to attempt. This group of talented musicians have produced something musically superb in each and every way.”

“Digital Antique are an incredibly mature and seasoned group of musicians delivering a true thing of beauty on their new album “II”. Digital Antique’s “II” should be in the collection of any serious music listener.”

“Digital Antique can be summed up in one word…Epic! But this indie instrumental rock band out of Austin, Texas is more than just music. Combining stunning visuals with guru musicianship and compositions the 17th Century would be proud of, Digital Antique is a full multimedia experience.”

“The songs are lush in melodies and with a grand sound that is progressive, post-rock, cinematic and at times maybe post classical thrown in for good measure. It is hard to pick a favorite song from this release but if I was forced to choose then I would pick ’5 Marines’…no, maybe ‘Jonsii’, oh whatever. Check out the album and you will see what I mean.”

“No vocals necessary to achieve their musical bliss, and they succeed in creating a sound worthy of cinema soundtracks that could be in the biggest Speilberg production! Check out Digital Antique and take a trip with them thru time and space and the furthest corners of your imagination, when you come back to earth you'll be planning your next trip to Austin TX!!”

“An impressive new take on instrumental rock with the recent release of “II” from Digital Antique. The range of instruments that are introduced throughout each song is simply amazing. This group offers the listener two violins, viola, cello, guitar, bass & drums. You’d be hard pressed to not fall in love with this band, check them out!”

“Interview with Digital Antique”

“Digital Antique create epic and beautiful indie rock in the tradition of acts like Mogwai, Explosions in the Sky and Godspeed You Black Emperor. Some soothing music. http://digitalantique.net”

“For fans of the epic and the serious, the progressive and the ever-further-reaching in music, Digital Antique offer instrumental, string section-infused indie rock that leans heavy on the ethereal beauty of it all, and not so much on the usual self-absorbed excess we're used to when approached with the term 'prog'.”

“As a rule, I try not to obsess over band names. However, this one seems quite fitting of the musical melange. Digital Antique summons a sophisticated palate marrying a melodramatic classical approach with progressive pacing. However, simply comparing it to prog rock or dubbing it “rock opera” would be a tad limiting. Those boundaries are broken through by – and really, there’s no other way of putting this – their strangeness. Odd? Yes. Fascinating? Absolutely. Which is why they’re worth checking out. Laurie Gallardo - KUT”

“Digital Antique conjures a similar aesthetic. The local trio employs a revolving string quartet and prefers the cleaner, more sophisticated realm of classical music. The group's eponymous debut unfolds with impressive patience and grace, leaning closer to the cinematic expressionism of My Education than Balmorhea's West Texas landscapes. "Taj Mahaal Monkees" showcases Antique's knack for unexpected right turns.”

“Eclectic debut from Texas Experimentalists- Digital Antique are to general Texas americana what Soft Machine are to Britpop, but to persevere is to prosper and like all good instrumental music this grows on you. In their own words Digital Antique mix progressive, classical and indie, a curious recipe which when added in certain quantities to the great blender of the studio has produced a result which although at first too subtle for some palates, becomes an acquired taste before very long. Anything goes in liberal Austin and that is certainly true for this trio and their supporting cast on strings. Their dark, delicate and cultured flavours against a backdrop of visually stimulating images is enlightened musical theatre and set tongues wagging after an impressive performance at September's Utopia festival. Maton's Song then entered the international top 100 so watch this space and remember, this isn't for everyone but give it a chance and you will be rewarded. ”

"If the band Russian Circles had a wild passionate love affair with Sigur Rós (minus the vocals of Jónsi Birgisson) you would get their illegitimate love child Digital Antique."

“Instrumental rock-opera is probably the best way to describe the project that is known as Digital Antique. Guitars, drums and a string quartet are the set up from these talented Americans. No lyrics just an album full of Prog Rock. It's definitely film music score material, maybe some kind of grief-stricken western from another era.”

“Indie-Music.com Editors Pick! Are Digital Antique strange? Yes. But are they also interesting? Yes. And so it is with this odd trio of Travis Kennedy and James Parker Randolph, who met while studying music at South Plains College. Payton Holekamp on drums, has recently joined the project, expanding the sound palette. It's a bit difficult to describe the music here, but it's very mellow, creepy and atmospheric. A lot of strings, faint guitars, and slow building mood music. There's definitely a Prog Rock influence here, but more from the European and German side of things. A piece like "Meton's Cycle" could have no problem being in the score of a not particularly happy film. There are also some surprising tempo changes, especially at the 4:30 mark of "Meton's Cycle". A fan of anything from Can to King Crimson to Mogwai will truly get some eerie pleasure with Digital Antique. Highly recommended. ”