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“I knew I wanted to do something on Austin's hip-hop scene. It's alive and kicking, yet no one really knows anything about it. So, I thought, SXSW is the perfect time to feature a thriving aspect of Austin's music scene, right? Well, the story I discovered ended up being so much better. I met Priscilla Villegas at her home one evening. Her husband was there as well as her two young daughters. She says her family, often doesn't get her full attention. Most nights, she's on the computer, on the phone, as the manager of hip-hop label Die Slo Entertainment. She was convinced Die Slo had success within reach, and wanted to advocate for them. The label itself was created by Sertified. He started it back in 2007. But, it's what led to the label that caught my attention. Sertified is a giant teddy bear. When sat down to chat, I asked him, "So, what do you rap about?" ...... (finish the read below)”

“It takes a little something extra to get noticed in Austin, the live music capital of the world, but when three independent hip-hop groups (Southern Made Click, Fiyah Boi Ent. and Throwed House Click) came together to form their own label, it was bound to gain some attention. Die Slo Entertainment are focused on promoting innovation and creativity in hip-hop -- not just in Austin, but all over the world.”