“DIESEL & DIXIE. Get familiar with that name. Because as long as they keep their core together, you could be hearing about these guys tearing up cities and towns for a while – right up there with names like AC/DC, VALIENT THORR, ZEKE, SKYNYRD, HANK WILLIAMS (and maybe even along with some other southern/metal acts like MASTODON and BLACK TUSK).”

"Holy Smack, CurlyJane! Ever just feel like, sometimes you just gotta have it? You gotta have it hard and loud and fast. ... Diesel and Dixie do it very well. They melt your face with rock n roll and they leave you satisfied for days to come. Every time they play... everyone has a good time."

"Diesel & Dixie fit in perfect... with their raw rock and roll."

"it seems safe to say that Austin Southern rock band Diesel & Dixie is going to blow a few minds"

“This aint no first record. It sounds like these boys have been doin this for years!”

Jo-Jo Cole - Interview with Jo-Jo Cole in Gospel Times

“Amazing, exciting, fabulous, incredible! I have a discerning palate for these things.”

Tamara Bankson - The Lawton Playback


Rachel Brady - Brady Weekly